1)Highest Accreditation by NCHE  

ISBAT University has been granted a Charter by H.E. The President of the Republic of Uganda on recommendation of Uganda National Council for Higher Education, Which is the highest accreditation in Uganda ,meaning that your awards are recognized at par with that of a public university, and is acceptable across the globe.

2)Learn from the best 

ISBAT University’s academic staff comes from different countries with right mix of experience and expertise in academia and industry having the best research background, meaning that you get the best mix of skills to turn around your potential to highest employability.

3)Innovative Learning 

Our holistic philosophy in teaching and learning empowers you with right mix of skills, attitude and creative mind, resulting into an innovative learning outcome. Molding every learner through real skilling, industry orientation and case studies creates an innovative mind in you to be the most successful professional in your chosen discipline.

4)Cutting edge facilities

Our Campus is best known in the country for state-of-the-art infrastructure, high-tech laboratories, Multimedia studios, Cyber security and Cyber forensic labs, Science Labs, Electronics and engineering labs, extensive library with physical and digital publications, hybrid blended learning and skilling platforms to mention a few.

5)Vibrant Campus Life 

Life at our campus is so dynamic and friendly with diverse cultures from over 25 countries around the globe, enabling you to appreciate diverse cultural values, unifying spirit of professionalism, offering you endless opportunities to have fun, get involved and make lifelong connections. From your first day of orientation until the day you graduate and beyond, you carry sweet memories of all aspects of student life, sports, clubs, fun etc.,

6)Increasing your employability 

All our programmes are designed around an outcome based learning approach, with lots of resources including the hybrid models of learning, skilling and innovation platforms that makes you an all-round personality best fit for the employer expectations; a simple reason for greater employment rate among our graduates.

7)Strong, Caring and unbiased Support 

ISBAT University’s unique student engagement policy ensures an unbiased caring and personal attention to all students. Our professional staff serves as your personal guides and will help you accomplish your academic goals and career aspirations, while your stay at the campus is made comfortable.

8)Professional partnerships and Memberships 

ISBAT University has the largest global partnerships and associations with universities, institutions, global accrediting agencies and academies of learning, for global recognition, professional certification, credit mapping and dual awards to mention a few. This makes every graduates of our university globally visible and acceptable for employment and further studies.

9)Scholarships and Bursaries 

ISBAT University recognizes every excelling talents with merit based scholarship bursaries and awards. Further considerations are extended to differentially abled candidates, economically backward but academically excelling candidates on various conditions.

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