Dos and Don’ts during exams Last day tips

Here is the time for which you have spent your entire semester studying to excel your life, your career, hence I thought to share some Do’s and Don’ts for your upcoming exams.

Well said, “nothing makes a player more productive than the last minute,” therefore these last few minutes/hours of studies are truly worthy. Check on this:


1. Time for some smartness-use the Pomodoro Method for studying, break the chapters into manageable portions and set timer (25:10 technique). You can always make a variation and can go for a shorter or longer duration study depending on your retention time. When the time is up, take a break. If you think that moving out from the study room will distract you, take a round in your room or make a tea/coffee if that works as an accelerator to your mind. Nowadays, you get handy sachets of sugar, tea, and coffee. You just need to have hot water (that also can be stored on a flask).

2. According to the Learning Pyramid, audio visual learning methods assists only 20% retention. But when we talk about those last few hours, it can do wonders. Make infographic or a diagram (white board is ideal, alternatively you can make use of A4 sheets) and you will realize how fresh that image is in your mind the next day when you are attempting to the answers.

3. Prepare the list of items you may require while giving exam like, a calculator, pencil or pen, paper, water bottle, etc. Make sure that you complete this checklist a day before.

4. Follow all the instructions and tutorials by your Learning School/University so that you are with the flow and abreast with the latest developments.

5. Preparing for exams is a eustress instead of distress, take this positive stress sportingly.


1. Leaving things for last minute is certainly a no-no during exams.

2. Don’t think too much- Focus on revision and not on what kind of questions you will get to answer tomorrow. Remember, it’s not going to help anyways, question paper is already prepared and set J

3. In the words of Ken Hill, food is your body’s fuel. Without fuel, your body wants to shut down. Never think of skipping your meals. Rather, think of a balanced and healthy diet.

4. Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, don’t miss on your 7-hour sleep.

Best Wishes

Dr Rashmi Tripathi, Associate Professor/Dean -FBAC, ISBAT University, Kampala

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