Mr A. M. Thimmiya 

 Mr A.M. Thimmiya brings with him the experience of having held top leadership positions in the Education industry with specific emphasis in professional skilling and training across the globe. Skill-based training and Education are treated as two entirely different domains but Thimmiya is one of the few who has straddled both and contributed to see both domains synergise. His penchant for education was evident as, since the early 80’s he has been pioneering various distributed Education models with footprints globally. 

As Distributed and Technology led Education was becoming prominent, Thimmiya joined Manipal Education to lead their foray into Hybrid learning. He served Manipal group, an education conglomerate for nearly 8 years in top leadership positions and was responsible in spearheading the Open and Distance e-Learning ( ODeL ) community from around 17,000 to 200,000 students across a reach of over 1,000 accredited centres’ in 21 countries globally. His last assignment with the Manipal Group was CEO, Manipal Education, Middle East & Africa. Post which he served as the CEO and Director with the Education services division of the SRM group which includes their Universities. 

Thimmiya’s passion for building specific education business models and developing business strategies to suit geographies with technological leads has given him an edge in the Education services Sector. He has a comprehensive understanding of the training and education segment in India, the Middle East & Africa, parts of the Far East incl China, Europe and the Americas with extensive involvement in conferences, programs and conclaves. 

At the time of his retirement from formal employment in 2018, he was simultaneously President of one of India’s leading social enterprise in vocational skilling for the livelihood sector and also on the advisory board to a few higher Educational Institutions. He presently holds an advisory position at universities / higher education institutions and uses his experience and subject matter expertise in mentoring institutions on an ongoing basis. 

Mr Thimmiya has been over a period of time involved in forums for Emerging Directions in Global Education as a speaker, panellist and task force committee member and was also the Academic Senate member of the Universities represented. 

We welcome Mr Thimmiya to ISBAT University in the capacity of a member of the Global Advisory Council and a nominated member (International) of the Governing Council. His vast experience and remarkable achievements in the industry will propel exponential growth at ISBAT University’s global outreach, and quality considerations as per the set Vision, Mission and Objectives. 

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