I am a Multimedia Generalist. My experience in the field is for more than a decade, including Indian and overseas experience in several countries: Maldives, Libya, Oman and Eritrea under Ministry of Education.
I am an all-rounder who has handled subjects related to computer graphics like visual effects, Motion graphics, 3D and 2D animation, Game design and Web design. I have served as a teacher in schools (2 years), as a lecturer in universities and technical colleges (9 years) and as a Graphic arts trainer in the animation-based industry (2 year).  I have taught students ranging from teenagers- youngsters to middle aged-elderly ones.
I am very passionate about teaching Multimedia subjects and enjoy teaching students from various age groups with different backgrounds and cultures. My pedagogical experience goes beyond being a teaching assistant at undergraduate and graduate levels.
My love for teaching multimedia is backed by formal training across various creative mediums and incredible classroom results.
I am always updating myself in the field of multimedia to be in touch with current trends and changes in the field of computer graphics and animation, striving for excellence.

Masters in science – Software Engineering


I worked as Multimedia lecturer in colleges across global countries like Libya, Oman, Maldives, Eritrea and India. Taught students from various backgrounds and age groups.

Role played: Nurturing, Mentoring and Inspiring young minds who aspire to excel in Multimedia domain.

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