Dr. Sambasivam G, PhD, MCA
Associate Dean / Associate Professor

Dr.Tyagi Vaibhavbhushan, PhD, MTech
Associate Professor

Dr.Robert Mindilla
Associate Professor/Associate Dean

1)An Exploration of the Attitude, Perceived Value and Awareness of Islamic Finance towards Acceptability among White-Collar Elite: Case of Central Kampala, Uganda

Date Published, April 2023

2)The Impact of Capital Budgeting on the Innovation Capability of Small and Medium Enterprises in Nakawa Division, Kampala Capital City Authority, Uganda

Date of publication 31st July, 2022

3)Evaluation of Activity Based Cost Analysis as a tool on Financial Performance in selected Public Sugar firms in Kenya

Date of publication 1st April, 2017

4)Evaluation of cost benefit analysis as a tool on financial performance of selected public sugar firms in kenya

Date of Publication 31st October 2016.

5)A Review of Application of Web 2.0 and Open Source Software’s in E-learning: A Baseline Survey in a Private University

Date of Publication 1st March 2014

6)Microfinance as a catalyst of Agribusiness: Acase of Rafode Ltd

Date of Publication 1st January 2013

7)Exploration of Relationship on Loan Conditions and Client Exit from Microfinance Institutions: A Case of Kenya Women Finance Trust North Rift Region of Kenya

Date of Publication 1st February 2013

8)Adoption of technological innovations on organizational performance: Case of commercial banks in Kenya.

Date of Publication 1st March 2013

9)An Evaluation of Economic Strategies in Budget Deficit Reduction in Kenya.

Date of Publication 1st March 2013

10)An Evaluation of the Principal’s Instructional Supervision on Academic Performance:

Date of Publication 1st June 2013

11)Determinants of Information Systems Adoption and Deployment in SMEs: A Case Study of Micro Finance Institutions in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya}. International Journal of Applied information systems, 6, 1-6.

Date of Publication 1st September 2013.

12)Determinants of Information Systems Adoption and Deployment in SMEs: A Case Study of Micro Finance Institutions in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya.

Date of Publication 6th October 2013

13)An Analysis of Loan Portfolio Management on Organization Profitability: Case of Commercial Banks in Kenya. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting, 4(8), 24-35.

Date of Publication 1st November 2013

14)An Evaluation of Financing and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in Mombasa County, Kenya. European Journal of Business and Management, 5(14), 16-25.

Date of Publication 1st December 2013

Mr.Sunil M.R
Assistant Lecturer

Mr Mayur Kumar Chippa
Assistant Lecturer

Mr.Henry Semakula
Assistant Lecturer

Mr Kawuki James Stephen
Assistant Lecturer

Mr Sameer
Assistant Lecturer

Dr. Juliet Kategaya Nsiima, PhD, Art and Design Theory
Senior Lecturer

International Virtual Conference On Emerging Trends in Business, Management and ICT 2021(IVCET-BMI-2021)

Date: 27th – 28th May 2021

The aim of the conference is to promote the publication of scientific results of the international community related to innovative fundamental and applied research in ICT.

The conference will gather academics, professionals and practitioners willing to report valuable experiences in developing solutions and systems in the industrial and business arena.

This includes but not limited to: innovative research, commercial implementations, novel applications of technology, and experience in applying recent research advances to practical problems in different ICT areas.

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Douglas Tata

Sem 5 Student ,Bsc AI and ML @ ISBAT University 

Douglas Tata invented an AI powered spectacles that enables the visually impaired to read books both off and offline and recognize objects and also walk around around without being guided by another person .

Douglas Tata, a visionary inventor, has created a groundbreaking technology that will transform the lives of the visually impaired. His invention is an AI-powered smart glasses system that enables people with visual impairments to read books both off and online and recognize objects, as well as navigate through environments without the need for another person’s assistance.
The smart glasses are designed to work in tandem with a mobile app that leverages the power of AI and machine learning algorithms to provide real-time object recognition, voice-enabled navigation, and text-to-speech functionality. The glasses use a camera to capture the visual data of the user’s surroundings, which is then processed by the app’s AI algorithms to provide instant feedback to the user.
The glasses can also recognize objects and provide information about them through the app’s voice-enabled feature.
One of the most significant benefits of these smart glasses is that they enable people with visual impairments to navigate through environments independently without the need for a guide or assistance. The glasses use the app’s voice-enabled navigation feature to provide real-time guidance and directions to the user, making it possible for them to walk around confidently without the need for a sighted person’s assistance.

Douglas Tata’s invention has the potential to revolutionize the way that visually impaired individuals interact with the world around them. By providing an accessible and user-friendly means of reading, object recognition, and independent navigation, the smart glasses have the potential to significantly improve the quality of life for people with visual impairments.

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